The choice of the pre planned funeral give the family the opportunity to arrange all funeral needs before the time of death occurs. This affords the family a sense of peace of mind knowing that at the time of death all that is needed is to place one phone call to the funeral home notifying us of the passing of their loved one. All monies are deposited in the Irrevocable Burial Trust in a bank of their choosing or through the funeral home with the GCU (Greek Catholic Union).


We take pride in arranging funeral services for all denominations designed specifically for the needs of each individual family.

   •  Traditional Funeral - Arranged with visitation in the evening or the same day services.
      Church or funeral home services with interment in the cemetery of the families choices.

   •  Traditional with Cremation - Arranged with visitation, church or funeral home services,
      followed by cremation.

   •  Cremation
            •  Memorial services at church, funeral home and/or grave site.
            •  Direct - Cremation with no services.